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2018 Planning Workshop



We all know every business SHOULD have a plan. 

As the end of, what can only be described as a turbulent and confusing year for business owners, rapidly approaches you may be starting to think about how different your business will need to be in 2018. With the economic and political climate feeling increasingly unstable, do you worry about your business’s future? Do you worry about how to grow your profits in a fiercely competitive and uncertain environment? Do you worry about the momentum of your team as they worry about what 2018 is going to bring to their own lives?


What You Can Expect From Attending this 2018 Planning Workshop

Our 2018 Planning Workshop is specifically designed to help you gain momentum in order to grow your business. By having a plan and sticking to it you are much more likely to achieve your goals in your desired timescale. Learning the tools to motivate you and your team will take you from where you are, to where you want to be.


Reserve your seat to the 2018 Planning Workshop before we are fully booked!


Registration for the sessions is at 9.00am

Session Times are 9.30am – 1.00pm


Burrswood, Groombridge, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN3 9PY


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