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Julian Weekes
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East Sussex, TN7 4BL
United Kingdom
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Great Business Advice in Kent, Surrey & Sussex

Business Coaching = More Money + A Better Team + More Time

I have been coaching and developing businesses for over 20 Years.


I have an eye for detail – The numbers, the systems, marketing, sales and the team dynamics of a business.  It’s not sufficient to be an expert in your trade or profession, you have to excel in all of the other aspects of business – That’s where I get involved to add value.


Business Coaching works for all types and sizes of business – Not just large corporates.


I help my clients develop and grow their businesses to:


  • Make more profit
  • Increase sales
  • Improve cash flow
  • Create an effective team
  • Pay for private education / University fees etc.
  • Get back their time! 

My clients achieve their business and personal goals, whether that is to:


  • Have more time with the family
  • Develop a realistic exit strategy
  • Pay for private education / university fees
  • Provide an attractive pension for retirement 

I have a passion for helping business owners achieve more from their business. The life of a business owner can be difficult and sometimes an isolated one. I provide the expertise and techniques to take businesses forward to help business owners achieve their goals and ambitions.


Complimentary strategy reviews are a great way to find out more about business coaching. During the review we will look at the opportunities and challenges you have in your business and decide which strategies we need to put in place to take your business forward.


To BOOK your complimentary strategy review…

Call 01732 453 464 / 07824 831 950 or email


There are many reasons that business owners take advantage of complimentary strategy reviews, the following lists just a few:


  • To make more money
  • Grow the business
  • You are working excessive hours
  • You take little or no money from the business
  • You want to make changes
  • You are missing out on time with your family
  • It feels like you have a job not a business
  • You need to get more from your team


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